The Right Choice

Over the years the organ has always fascinated music lovers in a very special way. No other instrument offers the flexibility that an organ does when it comes to playing and arranging music.
Like a painter mixes the colours on his pallet, an organist constantly has the possibility of mixing voices on his instrument to produce numerous tonal combinations. He is the conductor and the soloist in his own orchestra at the same time – a special musical experience that perfectly enhances his own creativity.
The title ‘the Queen of musical Instruments’ as the classical pipe organ is sometimes referred to, is by no means valid for this instrument only, but also for modern electronic and digital organs. This is even more the case when the musician is offered such an extensive wide spectrum of musical features like those of a Bohm Organ.

Vorsprung durch Technik

Amadeus ModuleFor more than 50 years now, Bohm instruments have stood for tradition and innovation in the organ building sector. Enormous experience combined with extensive technical and musical ‘know how’ guarantee the high standards that can be expected from the complete Bohm line of instruments. The numerous registration and playing possibilities combined with the excellent sound quality make the Bohm a product that stands out above the rest. Bohm organs offer a wealth of musical features to both beginners and professionals alike that cannot be found in the instruments of other manufacturers. Bohm organs – the ultimate class in organ building and of course ‘Made in Germany’ Why should you settle for any less...? 


bohm artists

As well as developing your own musical ideas and creativity, a Bohm instrument allows you to draw on the experience of our top artists, who have put their ‘know how’ into our line of instruments. Sounds along with more than 1200 complete registrations enabling you to start playing immediately have been programmed by our artists, including:

  • Mark Whale
  • DirkJan Ranzijn
  • Claus Riepe
  • Anthony Lomas

DirkJan Ranzijn 


Approximately 400 global ‘Factory Presets’ are to be found on the comfortable console of a Bohm organ – these enable you to get playing right away at the touch of a single button.

The ‘Seven Art’ global presets have been especially re-programmed by our artists in great detail, to suit the sounds and styles of the new ‘Amadeus’ system.


The Preset-Song-List ‘tAmadeus’ enables you to play hundreds of well known pieces of music with perfectly matching sound combinations and rhythms immediately … and all at the touch of a button.

The Song List has more than 800 global presets, named after the pieces they are chosen for in the list.


Super drive styles in the Amadeus version. The automatic accompaniment band with more than 300 styles (each with 4 variations), is just waiting to accompany your playing. The fantastic quality of the Amadeus sounds and drums add to the authenticity of the auto accompaniment band, whether swing, samba or a dance hit etc.

The new Amadeus studio drums give the right
‘groove’ to any kind of music – whether traditional or modern.

Every style has 4 ‘One Touch Presets’. That means for every style you have 4 presets that have been especially programmed to suit it ... it can’t be any simpler than that!

For extra style memory, it is also possible to save styles on the Compact Flash Card and access them directly from there (with Overture Comfort option only).


Each of the numerous buttons and sliders on the instrument have their own special purpose. The Bohm organ has an array of ‘easy play’ features that allow the beginner to simply sit down and start playing without any fuss.

The more time you spend on the instrument trying to perfect your playing, the more you will learn to appreciate the numerous registration and playing capabilities that it has to offer. Create your own arrangements or mix up to 8 (or more) voices on each of the manuals and pedals – these can either be layered or played parallel to each other (in up to 8 split zones). In addition many further sound and playing parameters can also be assigned to them.

You become the conductor of a large orchestra with many different soloists and ensemble sections that are creatively arranged with numerous variations. The best part about it is ... it’s all being played ‘live’ by you on your Bohm organ. If you wish, a professional rhythm group from the ‘style’ section of the instrument will accompany you, or maybe a Midi Song from the integrated song player – your band is complete!

Your creativity is unlimited - a Bohm instrument is extremely flexible and can be changed to meet your own personal desires.

This starts with a variety of changeable playing parameters and continues with the possibility to customise buttons and foot switches. Even optional editing programmes are available for sounds and drum sounds. You also have access to nearly all of the available parameters that our artists use for
personal sound editing.

The creative capabilities begin with the high quality keyboards: all manuals and pedals are touch sensitive (with a variety of dynamic curves) – all manuals also have an after touch function.

The Bohm keyboards are some of the finest available on the present market – apart from those in the Overture stage, they are all semi - weighted.

Depending on the model, the pedal boards have either 17, 25 or 30 notes – if desired the instruments are also available without pedals. The pedal board can be easily removed from the instrument for cleaning or transportation.

As well as developing your own musical ideas and creativity, a Bohm instrument allows you to draw on the experience of our top artists, who have put their ‘know how’ into our line of instruments.